Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meeting August 30th - special meeting at Wendys - 19th St.

After a successful summer and a extra special meeting last week - we decided to take a break and have some fellowship and burgers for our August 30th meeting.  We will be meeting at Wendy's on 19th Street.  (Follow this link for location).   This meeting is open to all who would like to attend - visitors and guests! 

Last week's meeting had two excellent prepared speeches by Pat McMahan ("The Seasonings of Life" where Pat delivered up an amazing new analogy on The Oven of Life) and the Area Governor and WWJS member Robyne Vaughn ("I hope I walk with courage" - where she, along with delivering a powerful message, shared a poem written at a tough time in her life.  The poem was favorably remarked to be similar in quality and connection to the spirit of David's Psalms! It was powerful.)   Evaluations were provided by Uwe and Tim respectively.  The theme of the meeting was "Be and See the Blessings" chosen by Toastmaster Katherine Austin Beltz.  The table topics were delivered by Rhonda who had well researched, bringing bible verses that led to excellent responses from Pat, Cletis and Tim.  For the meeting reports Cletis said she was "unemployed" as the ah-counter, but, delivered a very rousing Grammarian's report with very specific and useful suggestions for the meeting participants.  The dual roled Katherine rounded up the meeting with a General Evaluators report remarking on the amazing successful and beneficial nature of the WWJS club.    The well attended meeting was as usual a blessing for all including our 4 guests. 

Please join us at our new time (7:15 - until 8:45) in the same location - Mardel's Conference room at the back of Mardel's store the following week - on September 6th - again starting at 7:15!