Thursday, October 16, 2014

Put on the full armor of God. Ephesians 5

Sadly,  Kathy had a last minute need to miss tonight's meeting, but she provided us with Jeff as a very capable replacement and provided him her notes.  
He deftly wielded the notes and handled the Toastmaster role skillfully, without showing any sign of timidity but fully and completely brought us with him through the exciting lesson which Kathy had provided.

Suman delivered her icebreaker!  She wore her beautiful, flowing, yellow, traditional Indian attire as she told us about her life and growing up in India, and gaining her pharmaceutical degree and marrying and moving to the U.S.  It was a joyful, happy speech and one which we all could relate to.  It was interesting to hear that as a child, she played games with her siblings as we do here.  She expressed appreciation for her parents and her husband as she wove her tale of childhood, education, career, marriage, and moving to america.  She shared a wedding photo with us and she drew of sketch of India on the board, showing us which region she came from and promising to tell us a tale about the significance of the shape of India in an upcoming speech.  

Yan returned to us tonight and delivered a moving speech with a life lesson for us.  She made a beautiful analogy (which I am at a loss to re-create as beautifully and richly as she did) about how our lives can be compared to a financial balance sheet.  How we can spend more than we have, and be in a deficit situation.  Or we can thoughtfully consider to make wise investments.   She wove the lesson beautifully, moving from one point to another in a very organized fashion and providing insightful quotations to support her statements and add impact and depth.  I am failing here to make her point, which she so eloquently delivered.  I'd love it if someone could reply to this and tell what it meant to them.  Yan, could you reply to this and briefly make your point again and share your quotes with us.  It was such an amazingly inspirational speech.

Steve brought a wonderful collection of table topics questions, bracketing them skillfully inside true stories of exceptional human courage, keeping with Kathy's theme which Jeff delivered.  It was a very moving table topics session, breath taking at moments.  Steve is the king of the big, human drama stories.  I'm blessed every time he shares.  In fact, he and his beautiful wife Darlene, who visited us this evening, have been living a bigger than life, dramatic story since their twin grandsons were born... has it been a year ago?

Donna joined the club tonight, and heroically used the word of the day in her grammarian's report as she met that challenge with exceptional fortitude.

Yes, Kevin, although you weren't there (we missed you) we used the word of the day you provided, "Fortitude", a noun meaning "Courage in pain or adversity" and while we hope Donna wasn't in pain, we know she felt challenged to serve as grammarian on the night of her joining.  Beautifully done, Donna.

Cletis, as GE, led us through a romp of enjoying everyone and every deed of the evening.  She voluntold Donna to be grammarian, pulled Jeff into an evaluator, involved Mark in ah counting along with his scheduled timer role, and pulled together a beautiful team for the evaluation portion of the meeting.  Cletis is clever and quick and thoughtful and pleasant and self-sacrificing and more.  It shows every time she blesses us with her abundant skills. Wow.

Jeff and I gave outstandingly insightful evaluations.  :)  We had very good speeches to work with and, all kidding aside, Jeff provided a very supportive evaluation of Yan's speech, not only mentioning the parts that most affected him, but also offering a couple of suggestions to aid her.  I failed Suman on the suggestion part, and yet still ran past my allotted time.  That being said, Suman and I could each heed the timer a bit more carefully.

Everyone please applaud Mark who did a great job in his first time as timer. He noted the same feeling we've all felt so often, that the speakers are so interesting, we can become engrossed and lose track of our job.  Welcome, Mark, to the best, most interesting, most inspiring club in town.  

Goodnight everyone.

Thank you for your constant friendship and prayers.