Friday, July 15, 2016

  In July 2015, we were honored to have our Area Director, Kerry Mobley, come to induct our slate of officers.  Our District Director, Tracy Thomason also came to witness the event.

Let's all take a fond look back and appreciate the officers who pulled together all year in order to gain our club the designation of President's Distinguished Club.

Yan Liu being sworn in as Vice President of Public Relations:

Donna Peters being sworn in as Vice President of Membership:

Jennett Azzinaro being sworn in as Vice President of Education:

Tim Evans being sworn in as Treasurer and Secretary:

Cletis Tatum being sworn in as President:

Steve Melton, Sgt at Arms was absent and sorely missed.

We are so blessed to have had these officers in leadership.  2015-2016 was a fantastic year for WWJS.

Kerry and Tracy were also tremendous assets to us, providing regular support and encouragement to our club.