Friday, November 4, 2016

Founder Ribbon!

Last night was a real treat for WWJS. Tim Evans, DTM was serving as our Toastmaster as he pulled out a little white envelope. He said he had received something for WWJS and wanted to present it to the club.

This envelope, if you looked carefully, had the Toastmasters International logo on the top left corner so we knew it must be good.

He pulled out a long Toastmasters' blue ribbon with the word "Founder" on the front of it.

While the efforts of a few individuals were known to some of the members, not everyone knew why we were receiving this distinguishing Toastmasters ribbon. Tim further explained that a club was chartered here in Lubbock with the assistance of 3 WWJS members: himself and Cletis as a mentor, and me, Parker as a sponsor.

We had help of course with assistance from District 23's leadership, fellow Toastmasters from various clubs, including WWJS' 2016 President Gary J., and supporting staff where the club was chartered, but without WWJS, it's possible this newly chartered club might not have ever been started.

So thank you WWJS members for helping, knowingly or not, to charter a new club in the Lubbock, TX area. You've earned this distinguishing Founders ribbon, and I know the members of Speaking The Plains Truth Toastmasters Club (chartered 9/29/2016) thank you as well.